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Chrysaalis i-Maths India

Early Learning Programme To Bring Maths To Life For Children

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Our Programs

Internationally-Acclaimed Programme

Successfully running in over 17 countries, Revolutionising How Children Learn Maths & Math Concepts for over 20 years

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Our Programs

Tri-Lateral Pedagogy

Combining Spatial, Kinesthetic & Visual Methodologies To Equip Children With
Future-Ready Maths Skills

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The i-Maths Advantage

Chrysaalis brings i-Maths to India – a revolutionary internationally-acclaimed Early Learning Program for kids aged 3-9 years.

i-Maths helps children grasp complex maths concepts in the simplest possible manner with a tri-lateral teaching pedagogy. This equips them with the foundation and skills to understand and solve maths problems across branches – arithmetic,
algebra, geometry and beyond.

For Parents

For Parents

Equip Your Child With Future-Ready Math Skills

Allow your child to meet maths without fear and pressure. Get them started with Chrysaalis i-Maths today and watch their minds open up to the wonderful possibilities of Mathematics. We are present in over 120 locations in India and provide online learning as well.

For Schools

Create A Strong Maths Foundation For Your Students

From preparing children for today’s competitive exams to equipping them with concept-based foundation for future learning – Chrysaalis i-Maths is the best Early Learning Program to offer in your school. Currently, Chrysaalis i-Maths is running successfully in international, residential, national and state board schools across metros and tier-2 cities in India.

For Franchisees

Get Ahead With The Maths Program of Tomorrow

Passionate about teaching kids? Love maths and want to spread the joy of numbers? Get started with Chrysaalis i-Maths. Become a franchisee today, get trained in the i-Maths pedagogy and kickstart your journey with the Maths Program of Tomorrow.

Maths Defined

Dr. Renuka Anvekar | Webinar on Maths Fodia

Programme Highlights

Concept-based Learning to Real-Life Application

Focuses on concept understanding, and then encourages students to apply these concepts to Maths problems

Learning by Doing (Kinesthetic Learning)

Concrete learning is brought about by learning through play. Students solve problems through fun activities

Learning by Observing (Visual Learning)

This semi-abstract learning method encourages students to apply their knowledge and skills while observing puzzles, reading through books, etc

Learning by Thinking (Spatial Learning)

The abstract stage, this is the point that children apply their skills learnt through the other stages towards solving math problems encountered at school and beyond

Strong Maths Foundation

Focuses on concepts rather than syllabus learning, thus paving the way for a lifetime of learning Maths concepts which translates to a very strong foundation

Intricately Linking Thinking & Learning

Rather than rote learning, i-Maths encourages students to open their minds, retain their curiosity and learn via thinking, questioning and finally a deeper understanding of the concept.

Making Maths Easy To Learn, Easy To Teach

1 Lakh+






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Frequently Asked Questions

At this moment, i-Maths is best suited for children between the ages of 3 and 9 years.

We provide custom study materials – worksheets, activity books, props, tools and kits. These are provided through our center or the school where you have enrolled from.

We are not a coaching institution. But our programmes are geared to help children learn Maths in a fun way. This strengthens their ability to understand and solve even the complex of problems in an easy way.

You can signup as an i-Maths franchisee with us and introduce i-Maths programmes in your play-school / preschool. We provide you with all the necessary training, teaching kits, and even the study materials for your students. You will also benefit from our active support group and community as a member of the i-Maths family.

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