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11 Reasons why children fear Maths

11 Reasons why children fear maths

Here are the 11 Reasons why children fear Maths or have Maths Phobia

  1. Maths is an Abstract Subject.
  1. Formative years ( 0 – 8 Yrs.) – only Arithmetic taught other concepts of Maths not introduced.
  1. Taught in a rote way instead of creative way.
  1. Taught as facts to be remembered rather than skills to be acquired.
  1. Emphasis is more result oriented rather than being process oriented.
  1. Teaching methods are left brain dominated.
  1. Not taught holistically and taught as island topics.
  1. Non child friendly teaching environment.
  1. Curriculum not having recreational aspect for children (Fun Element Missing).
  1. Math concepts build upon each other and if the child misses out on the foundational concepts in the beginning, it becomes harder to learn later concepts.
  1. Poor understanding of how to apply and perform mathematical operations.

Enrol your child to the Internationally acclaimed i-Maths program and ensure he/she does not fear but loves maths.


i-Maths India

In a world where Maths is feared rather than enjoyed, and children struggle with basic understanding, Chrysaalis i-Maths brings a sweeping change. In pre-school and elementary school, the focus is generally on basic number skills and arithmetic operations. i-Maths focuses on making Maths fun for your child and equips them with skills like logical thinking, reasoning, analysis, synthesis and more, thus empowering them with a long-term understanding of mathematical concepts, which holds them in good stead until high school and beyond.

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